First of all...

Two days ago, I started production of my series Chroma which got off the ground with an idea of doing work with vivid colors. I brainstormed what my first series should be and what I wanted out of it until I knew that I wanted a something clean but yet chaotic, as well as full of color and images which show a subject depicting their own personal interests and passions. So when I came across smoke bombs randomly walking through the store, I was immediately inspired to use them in some way. On the ride home after purchasing a few boxes, I knew I wanted to make a series of images using them in multiple different concepts, colors, and varieties of subject matter. For my first shot, I knew Ivy would be a great person to shoot as I had recently done a shoot with her and all of the work I've done with her has turned out to be some of my best. Also, she had just dyed her hair blue, which is awesome. 

Ivy, being a vintage seller mainly in fashion, had vast amounts of style choices for me to choose from as well as appropriate era furniture for our setup. Once the shoot started, with my lighting and posing ideas ready, we lit our first smoke bomb placed in her tea cup. The first smoke bomb goes off and nothing really came out, a total dud! The second try at it resulted with the fuse is going down, and POP! The bomb exploded and pieces shot everywhere! A piece of ember burned Ivy, and out of pain and excitement, okay maybe fear, she dropped the saucer and broke her tea cup, inevitably giving us the hilarious action shot below.

So, needles to say, things initially were off to a great start (insert sarcasm).  Getting someone to again hold a tea cup with a burning object inside took a little bit of coercing. However, Ivy was willing to give it one more go! The very next try we got the shot we needed in which everything worked and happened as I had envisioned, and we wrapped up. 

I'm very excited about and happy with the start of my first series. It's everything I imagined the first image to be and I can't wait to see where it is going to go. Hopefully there will be less injuries in future shoots.