Last Wednesday I shot another image for my new series, Chroma. It's hard not to notice Katie's natural beauty when you meet her. She is one of those girls who doesn't regularly wear makeup and has a completely effortless vibe and personality, so placing her in nature but still keeping the studio setting was important to me for Katie's image. But before we could get started, we needed to have a glass or two of nature's gift to us... WINE!

After managing some mischief Harry Potter style, CJ started work on styling and set. CJ is first and foremost my handsome boyfriend, and secondly my right hand man on my shoots. He was a huge help designing the set and assisting me in my lighting scheme, as well as taking the burns from lighting the smoke bombs. YIKES! 

Shooting Katie was easy. She delivered every time through the smoke without fail, and she was so fun and positive throughout the whole process, despite this being her first time modeling. I'm so glad that I was able to have her be a part of my new series. Stay tuned for more!