Beautiful Brooklyn Bouquets

This past weekend, I attended a wedding in Brooklyn. It was incredibly beautiful and thoughtful, the food was on point, and most of all my wine glass was never empty. The bride, my boyfriend's sister, is not only stunning but would kill Elle if only she could find her (you know who you are, Elle). Gina and her husband Jason met during their first semester of college at Syracuse and have been dating for almost a decade, so the proposal was a real shocker. 

The colors of the wedding were predominantly yellow and blue. The centerpieces were beautifully arranged and consisted mostly of various types of lilies and large daisies. As CJ and I were stumbling out of the wedding, the wedding assistants offered us leftover centerpieces, which we drunkenly and excitedly accepted along with various bags of donuts and leftover favors. We knew the flowers would make for a perfect setting in a future shoot, so we took them and waited for an opportunity.

Gabby, one of my best friends and basically my photography go-to girl (as can be seen from her many appearances in my portfolio), was in the area and was down to make my vision for this photo a reality. She and CJ gave me great advice on designing the set, and nailed makeup and styling while I set the scene and lighting. Within only a few shots, we were able to capture exactly what we wanted and more.